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Sharon Medairy, Agent

Sharon Medairy, Agent

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Seller Costs estimated

Call for information about our special seller’s program for  minimial cash outlay and still get top dollar sale.

Estimated as per typical offers in our area for median sized single family dwelling.

Ask about our special plan for seller costs to be paid out of proceeds of sale at close of escrow.

  1. Real Estate Commissions:  Negotiated with listing agent.
  2. County Transfer Tax – $1.10 per each $1,000 of sales price. ( $700K is $770.)
  3. 50% of City Transfer Tax  (Oakland is $15) –  $7.50 per each $1,000 of sale price. ($700K is $5,250).
  4. Capital Gains Tax.  Check with your accountant.  More information.
  5. Escrow costs – usually just a signing fee of about $200 unless other services are needed.
  6. Optional and recommended to get top selling price.
  7.     Private sewer lateral compliance.  Negotiated with buyer if not compliant. Call me to veriy or estimate.
  8.     Painting where needed. 
  9.     Minor repairs as needed.
  10.     Yardwork and landscaping.
  11.     Spruce up front door and porch area. 
  12.     Home inpection:  $400. and up. 
  13.     Pest inpection:  $250 and up. 
  14.     Staging:  $3,500 and up.