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Sharon Medairy, Agent

Sharon Medairy, Agent

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Client Organizer Help Page

Welcome:  Please feel free to contact me  for additional information.
Client Organizer Accounts:  Complimentary Service for my Clients (require username and password to log in).
Contact Me  To Set Up Your Personal Client Organizer.
To access your Client Organizer click Client Login on the home page.
The Client Organizer is my system custom tailored to your needs. 
Your Real Estate property search is carefully programmed and organized so you
spend your time reviewing qualified properties.  I am a Realtor® and a member
of the MLS (multiple listing service).  This means the property information is streamed
live from the MLS and updated daily so you have quality information. 
(Often other websites have outdated information).
Features:  After you Log In you will see Tabs with these names.
HOME   -- --        Overview of  Favorites, Comments, and Searches... use this page for searches... scroll to the bottom and click the magnifying glass to see results.
SEARCHES ---    A list of your specific searches.  Edit, Delete, and Review.
                             When you see the list you may re-order the list.
                              Then to see more information on a property - click on the address line.
FAVORITES  --    When viewing more information - scroll down and click on "Add to Favorites"
COMMENTS--    On the more information page, scroll down the page and click comments
                             tab to make a note.  There is also a "thumbs up" or "thumbs down" tab.
                             Additional Options:
                             Interest Level --  This is the section where you can communicate electronically with me.
                             If you add interested... make an offer.... or I want to see this property I will call you.
                             Specific Searches ---  Let me know if your criteria has changed   email    me.
                             Automatic Updates  ---  Can be weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or "immediate"